QHSE Accreditations

The Company’s Quality Management System is as per ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Environmental Management system as per ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Safety & Health Management system as per OHSAS 45000:2018. Now, the Company is Certified and Accredited for Integrated management system with relevant Certificates.

Above certifications support the continual improvement of its performance through the implementation of improvement opportunities by optimizing of core processes of operations with the greater focus for the Achievement of Quality Objectives.

Quality Policy

The policy of Interalloy is to provide its customers with a high quality service within contractual expectations. The overall policy of the company is to provide services within our specified scope to our customers consistently that satisfy their requirement in every aspect.

Furthermore, it is company policy to continually improve our quality by monitoring, measuring and enhancing our Quality and Procedural System. We will set Quality Objectives throughout the organization which will be measured against and reported upon.

Implementation of the Quality Policy is the responsibility of every member of staff, starting from the top management who takes policy decisions which enable the correct action to be implemented throughout the organization. The Quality Policy has the full support of Senior Management and together with QualityAssurance Procedures, ensures that activities are controlled in a manner compatible with achieving required service levels and obligations effectively. It is mandatory that all staff adhere to the procedures in order to achieve a consistent approach to Quality Assurance.

HSE Policy

At Interalloy, we are operating to ensure no harms from our actions to people, Communities and the environment in which we operate.Safety and environmental responsibility are the core values at Interalloy and it is our integral part of our operations.

Compliance to applicable laws, regulations and policies is to operate for our employees, Customers, contractors and partners.

Our Safety Principle shall include:

  • All incidents and injuries are preventable
  • HSE is our primary management responsibility
  • HSE incidents must be reported and lessons learned to be recorded
  • Partnership with the industry and other professional associations to continuously improve the safe management of our services.